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Collection and Security

Our premises are safe and secure, both inside and out, and admittance is only permitted to persons authorised by a member of staff.


It is the parent’s responsibility to inform us who will be collecting their child from the setting. If there is ever a change in the authorised person(s) to collect please let us know in advance. When the induction paperwork is completed a password should be provided. The password will be needed in such circumstances.  We will not release a child to anyone without the parent’s prior consent and password.

Parents are asked to wait for a member of staff to let them in so that we know that only authorised persons are entering the premises, can we also ask parents to enter the setting alone so that staff can monitor how many adults are in the setting. We also ask that parents/carers ensure that the outer door is closed when entering/exiting the premises and not to allow other adults to enter even if they are known to you. It is important that all children and staff remain in a safe and secure environment. We also ask that while collecting children from nursery that older siblings/school aged children wait in the cloakroom area.


For reasons of hygiene and safety no animals are permitted on the premises. (With the exception of guide dogs).


We have a No Smoking policy throughout the centre and enclosed grounds.


Please note that for the safety of all of the children the car park is for staff use only and access to the car park is not permitted between 8.30am and 3.40pm.  

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