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Early Years Foundation

To ensure we are providing the best quality learning opportunities and experiences for our children we adhere to the guidance materials from the government known as Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

The Framework is based on a holistic view of developmental expectations of children and it celebrates the skills and competences of babies through to young children.  It emphasises the connections between children’s growth, learning and development needs and the environment in which they are cared and educated.  

It sets out seven areas of learning for children from the birth to the age of five. Three of the areas are called Prime areas of learning and are as follows;

 •  Communication and Language
 •  Personal, Social and Emotional Development
 •  Physical Development

The other four areas of learning are made up of;

 •  Literacy
 •  Mathematics
 •  Understanding of the World
 •  Expressive Arts and Design

It is recognised that all children are individuals with their own unique paths of development.  Exploration, discovery, play, communication and talk, both in and out of doors, are seen as vital to a child’s learning. Our setting aims to provide learning opportunites and experiences linked to all seven areas of learning. 

Our curriculum is deigned to help children meet the objectives from each age band along with a topic themed approach and a balance of child led interests. 

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