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Home Learning


At this age children are always learning, here's a few ideas and activities for you to do at home with your little one.


Learning ideas that you can do everyday:

  • Reading story books with your child 

  • Helping your child practice dressing and undressing- using buttons/zips/fasteners

  • Count up to 5, then 10 use objects, jumps or steps! You can count anything. 

  • Practice singing your favourite nursery rhymes

  • Talk to your child about a television programme/ picture

  • Go on a listening walk around your house/garden and make a list of sounds you hear

  • Go on a ‘scavenger hunt’ around your home to find a given amount of objects e.g. 3 spoons

  • Help to hang out the washing and count the clothes as you hang them up

  • Go on a shape hunt in your house/garden- see how many shapes you can find

  • Look for different colours around your house and garden

  • Filling and emptying different shapes of containers, full, empty, half-full/ half-empty  

  • Go for a walk and look out for different types of transport

  • Create a musical instruments using a plastic bottle and by adding rice/pasta/beads etc. Use this instrument when singing your favourite nursery rhymes.

  • Go on a minibeast hunt in the garden or park

  • Have different types of races in the garden


Here's some helpful websites with more ideas: 

Early years - England - BBC Bitesize

Early learning and development - Start for Life - NHS - NHS (