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Orange room is for 0-2-year old babies and children. The room is designed to offer none mobile spaces and large play/curriculum themed areas. This room is staffed on a 1:3 ratio.  

Staff plan daily activities and experiences to stimulate the children. Most of these activities are sensory based. Staff encourage adult and child interaction and we place a high focus on developing language as a key part of daily activities. Young children are active learners. From birth they have a need to make sense of their world, they long to explore, examine and understand it and the staff offer opportunities to explore new textures, colours, objects and sounds.  

Staff work alongside parent/carer requests to ensure that individual routines are consistent between home and the setting and the daily routines include regular feeding/snack times and sleep time.  

Parents/carers have access to ‘Famly’ where daily feedback is provided for routines, mealtimes, toileting and general observations. 

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