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Parent/Carer Partnership

Summerhill's Little Treasures recognises that parents/carers play the fundamental role in a child’s development and this should be acknowledged as the basis for a partnership between the setting and parents/carers.We are aware of the importance of good communication with parents and the role it plays on developing a happy and confident child.

All our team is committed to working in partnership with parent/carers to provide high quality, safe and stimulating care, learning and play opportunities for children.  By working together, we can ensure that every child has an equal opportunity to develop to their full potential.

On a daily basis, staff will share your child’s daily diary and provide an update of the daily activities/care provided within the setting. The daily diary will also have information about toileting/nappies and what your child has eaten throughout the day. Parents can also access information about their child's day in the setting using the web-based app - Famly. Famly is an online software package, which is used to communicate with parents/carers and to contribute towards their child's learning journey/assessment information.

Parents/carers are regularly invited to come into the setting and share their views with us. We encourage parents to:

  • Share and discuss any concerns you may have about your child
  • Share and discuss your own observations of your child’s actions and behaviour (including photographs)
  • Add development moments to your child's learning journey


Parent's Evening sessions are arranged three times a year, and they are an ideal opportunity for you to speak to your child’s key worker in depth about your child’s development and any concerns that you may have.