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Special Educational Needs

Summerhill's Little Treasures is aware that some children have special educational needs and/or physical disabilities that require particular support and assistance. We are committed to taking appropriate action to make sure that all children are able to access our services, made to feel welcome, and that our activities promote their welfare and development.

We ensure that we provide appropriate care and support to meet the needs of all children. Our staff believe that children with special educational needs and/or physical disabilities have a right to play, learn and be able to develop to their full potential alongside other children. Whenever possible, children with special educational needs and/or physical disabilities will have access to the same facilities, activities and play opportunities as their peers. Everybody stands to gain if all children are allowed to share the same opportunities and are helped to overcome any barriers that they may face.

We aim to support the children and their families with the early identification of special educational needs and work with parents/carers as well as other professsionals to ensure that specific needs are addressed within the setting. We acknowledge that all children require access to a broad and balanced curriculum.

We use observations and progress reporting systems within our setting, including Individual Education Plans (IEP) to enable us to monitor, plan, assess and review each child’s individual needs.

We use effective assessment methods to track a child's dvelopment over time.Parents/carers are provided with regular opportunities to discuss a child's progress within the setting. 

Our setting liaisies with a range of outside agencies including social workers, therapists, health visitors etc to ensure that the appropraite care, education and therapies are provided for individual children.