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Yellow room is a pre-school room for 3-5-year old children. This room is staffed on a 1:8 ratio. When a a teacher is present within the setting the ratio is 1:13. 

Pre-school children based in this room wear a school uniform, matching the same colours as Summerhill Primary Academy. 

Provision is designed linked to the Development Matters objectives and a daily routine includes daily early literacy and maths skills. Outdoor provision inlcudes the use of the school forest areas but the children are provided experiences linked to all seven areas of learnin

Children can access up to 30 hour funded sessions within this room, according to elibility. The setting requires parents to provide eligiblity codes in advance in order to confirm provision.  If you need further information regarding funding eligibilty follow this link:

 SHA Uniform and Presentation Expectations Nov 2021.pdf - click to view

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